Vibration Plates

10 minutes burns up to 350 calories

Vibration training is an ideal fitness training system for busy people. It is super quick, 10 minutes vibration training equates to a one-hour conventional workout; 10 minutes burns up to 350 calories.

Weight loss is directly influenced by vibration training. It will shape and sculpt your body by burning calories and thus reducing body fat. It will increase the metabolic rate and develop leaner more toned muscles.

Vibration training can be used as a stand-alone method but because outstanding results can be achieved by combining vibration training with conventional workouts. Flex Gymnasium can offer vibration training sessions alongside other exercise systems at our gymnasium.

Sessions can be arranged in five-minute increments (ten minutes minimum) with ongoing supervision and assessment with a fitness professional.

Benefits of vibration training:

  • Decreases appearance of cellulite
  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Reduces body fat
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Enhances conventional training results
  • Reduces training time
  • Increases basal metabolic rate
  • Increases circulation
  • Increase bone density
  • Reduce muscle wasting
  • Assists pain management
  • Stimulates lymph drainage